The Colonel Journal, June 8, 1961

I am sure if Ralph Dorsey had thought of it, he would have taken his tape out to the UK baseball field and measured the distances from the mound to home plate and the distances between the bases, just like they did at Buler Fieldhouse in the movie Hoosiers.  It would be the first time all year Caverna had played on a field with a grass infield.  Still there were no outfield fences.

Wednesday, June 8, 1961

Caverna Defeats Owensboro in State Tourney

The team had come up on Tuesday and stayed at the Phoenix Hotel in downtown Lexington. Most of the rest of us had risen really early on Wednesday to make the 3-hour trip to Lexington from Horse Cave and Cave City. WLOC in Munfordville was there early too, broadcasting back to the local station whose antenna was sending out a signal barely strong enough to reach Cave City, twelve miles to the south. Very few expected the Caverna team would be staying over for the second round of the tournament. As it turned out, Owensboro would be the one rushing back to the hotel to check out early and Caverna would be moving down the halls to check into their vacated rooms.

Because Caverna opened the state tournament by avenging their only two losses of the season, plus their state tournament defeat from a year ago, as they defeated Owensboro, 3-1, with Dennis Doyle pitching a two hitter. Joe Campbell had scored the Colonels first run after hitting a magnificent triple to deep left, some 400 hundred feet away, and then scored on a passed ball. David Moore’s hit, an inning later, never left the infield, but it was the game breaker.

I was supposed to be back at work on Thursday in the Snowball Dining Room in Mammoth Cave National Park. So was David Moore! At least he had a place to stay; I was scouring to find accommodations and another ride home on Thursday.


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