The Colonel Journal, May 20, 1961

Saturday, May 20, 1961

Owensboro Slams Caverna In Doubleheader

No newspaper articles can be found. As best as can be determined, the scores were Owensboro 5 Caverna 0 in the first game with sophomore Woodward, a 6’2” flame thrower, for Owensboro, winning and Doyle losing for Caverna. Campbell lost the second game as Owensboro won 6-2. On a Saturday afternoon in May, Doyle and Campbell doubled and tripled their combined career losses.
To make matters worse, the losses occurred on the home diamond at Horse Cave in front of several major league scouts and before all the home folks and, to say the least, the whole community was discouraged as the team headed to regional play at Glasgow’s Gorin Park the following week.
Last year, Caverna had traveled to Owensboro for a doubleheader where Caverna had won 1-0 behind Doyle’s pitching and tied 0-0 on a game called by darkness after six innings, with now-graduated Bobby Sturgeon pitching that game for Caverna. But Owensboro avenged those losses by beating Sturgeon and Caverna in the state tournament semi-finals. Caverna’s last three losses had all come at the hand of Owensboro.


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